7 Tips On How to Wash Your Hair Correctly

7 Tips On How to Wash Your Hair Correctly

Hairdresser Guilherme Cassolar shows how to wash hair and keep it silky and healthy. 

Curly, straight, wavy, frizzy. Regardless of the type of texture, learning the best way to wash your hair is really important for your care routine. Depending on how it is done, in addition to cleaning, washing can help - or jeopardize - the health of your hair and scalp. 

To avoid this risk, you need to know what your hair type is so you can choose the best way to care for it. Check out our tips on how to wash your hair, leaving it wonderfully glossy and bouncy! 

How to wash your hair 

1. How often  

According to Guilherme Cassolari, a Natura hair specialist, the recommendation is to wash it on alternating days. Washing too little can leave the hair oily, leading to hair loss. While washing too much can produce the same result, due to the rebound effect.  

Ideally, hair should be washed every two days, and this goes for any hair type. Ours is a tropical country, which means that the scalp perspires more 

According to the expert, women who have long hair and do not have time to dry it can wash their hair every two days.  But the precise frequency must be in accordance with each woman’s routine and hair type.  

Women who have frizzy hair, for example, need a longer interval between washes, because if they use too much shampoo it can harm the structure of such delicate strands. Try out different intervals between washes and see how your hair behaves best. 

2. Choice of products 

Another of the hairdresser’s tips to ensure healthy, good-looking hair is to always use specific products for each type of hair. "Not using the ideal shampoo and conditioner is one of the most common mistakes", says Cassolari. "Applying the right products will meet the needs of your hair, even if it is curly, discolored or chemically treated. 

Since many women have more than one hair need, it might be an idea to have different types of shampoo and conditioner in the shower and to alternate between them. In addition to addressing different needs, your hair will respond better to each treatment. 

3. How to wash your hair: Water temperature 

High temperatures damage the hair fiber and can even impact the finalization results in hair care. And this is not just when drying your hair, hot water in the shower is also harmful. Use the coldest water you can bear. But if you cannot stand cold water for the whole of your shower, you should rinse your hair with cold water after washing. 

4. Massage 

When we have our hair washed in the salon, we know that each part of the scalp will receive special attention. If it is not possible to do this every time you wash your hair, try and massage the whole of your scalp at least once a week. But never use your nails, only your fingertips. Use this weekly ritual to apply a deep cleansing shampoo. 

5. Transparent shampoo 

If you feel that your hair is heavy and rather lifeless, apply a neutral, transparent shampoo before the specific treatment shampoo. It will make your hair feel lighter instantaneously! 

6. Different combos 

Depending on the occasion and the desired result, Gui Cassolari recommends different combinations of products in his explanation of how to wash hair correctly. For routine cleaning, shampoo and conditioner are enough. When a more pronounced hydration action is required, it is a good idea to substitute the conditioner with a mask. Make this substitution once a week if your hair is dried out. 

7. Intensive nutrition 

On the days on which your hair requires more intensive care, Cassolari recommends using shampoo, a treatment ampoule, and a mask. In this situation, you may use the ampoules in two ways: mixed with the mask – mix only the quantity of mask you intend to use on that day with the complete content of the ampoule – or after the shampoo and mask. "Ideally the ampoule should be applied three finger widths from the root. Massage the strands for two to three minutes, and apply a thermal protector before drying ", he explains. 

Knowing how to wash your hair is important to ensure it stays healthy. Washing it every day is not always the best option. For this reason, knowing what your hair’s needs are can help you to determine how often you should wash it. 

With the tips from our expert, Gui Cassolari, it is much easier to know how to wash your hair without damaging it and which products are recommended for each case, isn’t it? If you liked today’s topic, stay tuned to our Blog for more incredible tricks!   

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