5 ideas to create beauty in your mother’s world

5 ideas to create beauty in your mother’s world

Natura Mother’s Day: how about giving back all the love and care you have received? 

Most years, the best way to celebrate Mother's Day could be as simple as getting the family together for a Sunday brunch. This year, even with social distancing measures, you can show your mom how much she means to you.  

It's time to celebrate and pamper your mother, but appreciate her dedication and ability to care even in challenging times, like those faced since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Be inspired with these 5 ideas to create beauty in your mother´s world: 

1 - A skin care spa just you and her 

Invite your mom for a pleasant skin care spa day at home! You can recreate a relaxing spa atmosphere with a scented candle, put on her favorite music, while enjoying our special Instant Hydration Gift Set together. It includes a Gentle Cleansing Mousse, Hydrating Toner & Aqua Auto-Replenish Gel Hydrator, everything you need for a hydrated, renewed and rebalanced skin. 

- Travel with her to a place she loves 

The last few months haven’t been easy on any of us, especially for mothers. Pamper your mom with a little road trip to a quiet beach, a picnic in the countryside, or even a lunch in a charming restaurant, respecting the social distance. No matter the destination, the most important here is the new memories you will create together.  

3 - Create a table décor with flowers 

Take care of who cares for you the most, express your appreciation for your mother creating a table décor with her favorite flowers. You can also show all your creativity making a gorgeous dried flower arrangement. Use what you already have at home: placemats, tablecloths, napkins, plates, and let your imagination flow! 

4 - Record a lovely video message if you are apart 

We can stay closer even when physically distant, this Mother’s Day surprise your mom by recording a lovely video message to remind her, that while you can’t see each other personally, she still in your thoughts. Take time to share the love you have always received creating a meaningful gift full of affection. 

5 - Buy her a beauty gift set 

Delight and pamper your mom with Natura Mother’s Day Gift Sets, which invites her to reconnect with herself.

When you choose Natura beauty products, you are offering moments of care wrapped up in form of a gift. Take care of your mom. Take care of yourself, if you’re a mom. Because mothers deserve all the care! 

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