3 Distinguished Fragrances, and a World of Possibilities

3 Distinguished Fragrances, and a World of Possibilities

A unique and magical world is ready to be discovered by you.

With a unique palette of 22 exclusive essential oils, our fragrances speak for themselves.

Each fragrance carries the Amazon's biodiversity within it, highlighting a sublime combination of science and art, expressing the vibrance, the energy, and the soothing density of the rainforest's biodiversity.

To be able to achieve this, Natura always strives to be innovative and to generate positive impact in many ways, adopting sustainable practices and fair trade in its fragrances:

  • Using 100% organic alcohol in its formulas.
  • Recycling glass bottles.
  • Fomenting employment and income for extractivist communities.

We care for you and we care for our environment, acting responsibly and generating more beauty with less waste.

Now, let us show you 3 of our beloved fragrances so we can leave you in awe.

Natura Ilia

Be amazed by the pure combination of white flowers and paramela - a natural bioactive - blended with a sweet complex of vanilla and musk, in harmony with lightly fruity notes. Ilia is the translation of contemporary woman into an exuberant fragrance. An intense option, lasting up to 10 hours.

The creators behind Ilia are our exclusive perfumer, Verônica Kato, alongside French perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Alexandra Kosinski, fragrance creators for international high fashion brands. Ilia is the perfect balance between strong and feminine notes. 

Ekos Castanha Frescor

In Ekos Castanha Frescor you will find an enriched fragrance with Brazilian oils, that leaves an impressive combination of almond nut and the fresh touch of citrus notes. A must-have to experience a sensation of well-being with freshness.

Castanha, the Brazil nut, grows and flourishes in a tree that can live for one thousand years. Reaching up to 50 meters in height, it is deeply rooted in Amazonian traditions and popular culture.

The warm breeze that bathes the forest is infused into this scent which is 100% vegan and comes in a bottle using recycled materialA precious and delicate ecologically responsible scent.

Natura Homem Essence

An elaborate scent that carries in its formula cedarwood and patchouli, enriched with the elegance of ambery notes and cacao, this is Natura Homem Essence.

Natura Homem Essence is also an invitation for men to express their true selves, free from standards or stereotypes. With this strong belief in mind, it offers a complete line of fragrances and personal care for each man to care for himself in his own way. Natura Homem celebrates all the different ways of expressing your manhood.

For elegant, sophisticated men, Natura Homem is the one-to-go-to when it comes to fragrances.

We would like you to dive into these sense-enriching experiences, inspired by traditional world-class perfumers that have marvelously brought the exuberance of the Amazon forest to you, right down to the last drop.

Feel the thrill of our alchemy!

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