Choose the Collages scent to pair with our limited-edition Moleskine TM notebook:

  • My Collages Angelica: Combined with zesty mandarin and aquatic flowers, this alluring fragrance is dark and seductive.

  • My Collages Jacaranda: A combination of fresh and spicy, this bright earthy fragrance energizes with hints of papyrus, rose and grapefruit.

  • My Collages Nectar: Like a second-skin, this soft, romantic scent envelops the body with sensual flowers, citrus, and warm amber.

  • My Collages Terra: With hints of soft woods, white flowers, and vanilla musk, this earthy fragrance wears like a cozy, comforting blanket.

  • My Collages Madeira Branca: Inspired by Brazilian architecture—strong and modern, but still immersed in nature—with hints of warm woods, spicy black pepper, and calming musk.

  • My Collages Rainforest: Green and exotic fragrance with touches of violet, galbanum, and musk.

  • My Collages Dom: Vibrant and earthy Dom fragrance with grassy vetiver, cypress, and hints of rugged leather.

  • My Collages Cheirinho de Praia: Beach-inspired Cheirinho de Praia fragrance, whose touches of sea salt, patchouli, and musk make it fresh and sensuous at the same time.
  • Wearing fragrance well requires a little more than just applying on your neck. To enjoy top, heart and base notes, and ensure that your fragrance lasts longer on your skin, consider:

  • Target areas exposed to air like the neck, wrists, and inner elbows.
  • Spritz wrists lightly. No need to rub.
  • In hot climate, prefer misting your hair, or a piece of clothing like a scarf.

  • Expert tip: Try storing your fragrance always at room temperature. This will help preserve the integrity of your fragrance for longer.

    Collages fragrances are made with organic alcohol.

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