This set includes:
  • Natura Homem Cor.agio Eau de Parfum, 100ml: Natura Homem Cor.agio is a fragrance for a man to stand tall and bare his soul, to seduce and to be seduced, to admit vulnerability and to not fear intimacy. It combines the goosebumps from the metallic notes of cold spices and the warmth of Copaíba wood and Cumaru, natural ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity.
  • Natura Homem Shaving Cream, 75g: Natura Homem Shaving cream has a creamy formula that allows the razor to glide over the skin, soothing and hydrating it for up to 8 hours.
  • Natura Homem Cleansing Gel, 115g: Natura Homem cleansing gel is a facial gel soap. The cupuaçu betaine in its composition controls oiliness. A formula that cleanses, controls skin oiliness and unclogs the pores.
  • Natura eco-friendly gift box: With illustrations from Brazilian artist William Santiago, our gift boxes are inspired by the tropical and subtropical plants from all over the world that have been carefully cultivated in Sitio Burle Marx, a 365 thousand meters space with beautiful gardens. In his job, William pays tribute to nature's colors and textures. The result is a vibrant gift packaging that adds excitement to the unwrapping of gifts.
  • Natura Homem Cor.agio Eau de Parfum​: Apply to the wrists, neck, neck and behind the ears.
  • Natura Homem Shaving Cream​: Moisten the face and apply the product with your fingers or with a damp shaving brush. Shave, rinse and dry.
  • Natura Homem Cleansing Gel​: In the morning and at night, apply a small amount of product to the hands and gently massage into the wet face.Rinse afterwards. Use daily.
  • Natura Homem Cor.agio:
  • Priprioca, a species native to the Amazon region discovered by the traditional peoples of the Amazon. OLFACTIVE DESCRIPTION: Green, spicy, grass, woody, root, Earth.
  • Copaíba, its medicinal properties were well known to the Indians, who used it primarily as a cicatrizing and anti-inflammatory agent, making it one of the first species to be chronicled in Brazilian history. OLFACTIVE DESCRIPTION: Woody, fresh, spicy, resinous.

  • Natura Homem Shaving Cream:
  • The copaíba oil in the formula calms the skin.

  • Natura Homem Cleansing Gel:
  • Amazonian Cupuaçu betaine, whose essential fatty acids nourish the skin, while its polyphenols help prevent premature aging, and its vitamin E protects against skin dehydration.

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