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They say each place in the world has its own soul, its secret essence, its sacred spirit.
Such is the Amazon.
The vast forest inspires, expires, transpires.
But listen: it also suspires.

Go further.

From the soil of the forest, our creation harnesses the power and the intensity of a proprietary combination of ingredients that make this fragrance unique.

Precious Priprioca oil aged for 12 months in an artisan process is blended with other precious Amazonian oils that convey the mysterious energy of the Amazonian life cycle to make up this earthy, green and spicy fragrance.

With essential oils that convey the mysterious energy of the Amazonian life cycle, this fragrance harnesses the intensity and live power of the Priprioca root and Cumaru seed. Exhilarating Copaíba and Breu Branco resin lift the spirit and body, while the Amazon Water Lily, the most exuberant flower in the Amazon, exhales the strength of femininity. All the power of the forest captured in a fragrance.

Olfactory family: floral woody

Top Notes​: Priprioca , Bergamot, Cardamome, Mate, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper ​

Heart Notes​: Living Water Lily, Magnolia Flower, Jasmin, Osmanthus, Violet, Rose

Base Notes​: Breu Branco, Copaíba, Cumaru, Benjoin, Carrot, Cedar, Ciste, Patchouli, Vetiver, Myrrh, Olibanun, Vanilla​

Wearing fragrance well requires a little more than just applying on your neck. To enjoy top, heart and base notes, and ensure that your fragrance lasts longer on your skin, consider:

  • Target areas exposed to air like the neck, wrists, and inner elbows.
  • Spritz wrists lightly. No need to rub.
  • In hot climate, prefer misting your hair, or a piece of clothing like a scarf.
  • Expert tip: Try storing your fragrance always at room temperature. This will help preserve the integrity of your fragrance for longer.

Biodiversity Ingredients

  • Priprioca Oil: A potent root that invites you to rescue your origins.​
  • Breu Branco: A sacred resin that invites you to connect with something bigger.​
  • Cumaru: A seed symbol of the potential of live that invites you to expand.​
  • Copaíba: A healing balm from the Amazon that inspires you to let go of the old questions.

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Formulated Without: parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, triclosan, DEA and animal ingredients.


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