Slow Factory x Natura

Natura is a proud sponsor of Slow Factory’s Open Education Program which, provides free online education to the public without academic admission prerequisites. All classes are taught by Black, Brown, Indigenous, and minority ethnic thought leaders and scholars, covering topics at the intersection of climate and culture.

Natura believes that the world will only be fair, prosperous and equal when education is for everyone.

Open Education Program

Slow Factory’s Open Education Program’s mission is to broaden access to learning and training traditionally offered through formal education systems or corporate programs that often dismiss or exclude the experience and teachings of BIPOC folks. Slow Factory's Spring Classes have discussed Fashion and Colonialism, Fashion and Waste, Fashion and Resistance, Fashion and Cultural Heritage, and the History of Regenerative Agriculture to name just a few.

On June 16th join us on a class with Andrea Álvares, Natura’s Chief Brand, Innovation, International and Sustainability Officer, on the standing forest bioeconomy – a sustainable business model in the Amazon that uses natural resources in an ethical and intelligent way contributing to local development and conservation of the forest.

Sign up for the class “Floresta Em Pé”: Regenerative Economies in the Amazon Forest.

We are an ecosystem

About Slow Factory Foundation

Slow Factory is a 501c3 public service organization operating as an open education institute, an independent research lab & new media platform, and a granting & empowerment fund. They believe in a regenerative, climate-positive, anti-racist approach to creating climate change solutions and ultimately systemic change.​​

They see fashion as a vehicle for social, cultural and environmental change. The work expands far beyond the fashion industry in scope and impact.​

Their initiatives and programs focus on circular design, material innovation and addressing social inequity. Through media platforms, they translate complex information related to climate and social justice for the public.​

We are an ecosystem

100% of the profits donated to the Open Education Initiative

Together with Slow Factory, we created three sets that contain sustainably harvested ingredients such as the Ucuuba and Castanha. For each set, we are also giving a raffia handmade accessory which is sustainably made in Bahia by the women of Artesãos de Porto de Sauípe Associados.


Body Care Duo

Try two body care treats with sustainable ingredients from the Amazon.


Body Care Trio

A limited-edition trio that features body care essentials to nourish and care for your hands and body.


Deluxe Bundle

Natura essentials that deliver unique beautifying benefits from head to toe.​

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