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  • Add your email above to start getting and giving your friends rewards.

  • Enter the email of friends who have not purchased with Natura before, and include a nice message that explains why you think they will love Natura.

  • Once they receive your message, they will be asked to register to receive an email that gives them 30% Off for their first order with us.

  • As soon as your friends complete their first order with us, you will receive your reward.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the refer-a-friend scheme work?

    By registering for the refer-a-friend scheme, you can give your friends a reward off their first order at When your friend makes their first order, you’ll receive an email giving you a reward for your next order.

    Register for the refer-a-friend scheme above. After registering you’ll be given the option to refer friends via email, social post on Facebook and twitter, or you can copy and paste the link. Please note that the scheme is valid only for new customers. If you share the link with a friend that has already purchased with us before, the scheme won't work.

    Great! If your friend sent you a link, you need to click on that link to register for the reward. You will receive an email that includes a 30% Off coupon. But remember, to be eligible you must be a new customer. If you have purchased with Natura before, you can still benefit from our refer a friend program. All you have to do is refer friends. :)

    Great question! You can refer as many friends as you want, but you will be rewarded up to 50x on a calendar year. Please, keep in mind that rewards are shared only when a friend who has never ordered before completes a first purchase on

    The code that grants you 30% Off 1 purchase. Valid on any purchases, except for e-gift cards.

    Your code is valid on first time purchases. It's valid for all items, except for e-gift cards. A pretty good starting point is what other customers loves best. Why don't you start by checking out our best sellers? You can find our customer favorites here:

    friends that care!

    Share beauty care that cares for you, for others and for the planet.

    Natura & Co

    Natura is part of a purpose-driven beauty group. Together with The Body Shop, Avon and Aesop, we create beauty while advocating for female empowerment, fighting against climate crisis and animal testing, and building ethical relationships.

    Amazon Preservation

    Natura is committed to the preservation of the Amazon forest.

    When you buy products from Natura, you’re supporting conscious harvesting, fair trade practices & the local Amazonian organizations we partner with to preserve the Amazon forest.

    Together with the support of our customers, we’ve saved 70,000 football fields of the Amazon from deforestation, employed more than 5,136 families in the Amazon region and achieved 100% carbon-neutral production & transportation.


    In 2014, we became the first publicly traded BCorp, a certification that confirms what has always been in our DNA: you can do business as a force for good.

    With the certification, our social and environmental mission was incorporated into the company bylaws, which meant ensuring that business growth reflected the company’s reason for being: to generate a positive impact.

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