5 Ideas For Repurposing Holiday Gift Baskets

5 Ideas For Repurposing Holiday Gift Baskets

Gift sets you can use - and reuse. That's what we call sustainability. Check out some cool, and hip ideas on how to re-use your raffia clutch and basket.

Bahia is one of the most colorful, and mystical states in Brazil. It harbors stunning beaches, phenomenal music and big hearts. It's a land of folk dances, spicy food, and a mix of African traditions, heritage of the colonial 16th century Brazil. In the midst of it all, we've found Artesanato Trançado Tupinamba, a highly skilled cooperative formed mostly by women that hand-craft our raffia clutches and baskets. Groups of approximately 60 artisans are involved in all steps of the production, from harvesting the raw material to shredding, drying, coloring, braiding and sewing the raffia. (Click here to read about the cooperative.) Besides making great containers for our holiday gifts, these beautiful baskets can be reused in several cool, creative and handy ways.

Our 2017 holiday season gifts sets are already available online, in our NoLita Store as well as at our pop-up store at Bryant Park’s Winter Village. Our raffia clutches can carry your makeup, your pencils or even turn into a clutch bag for an evening outing. As for our limited edition baskets, we prepared a few extra suggestions.

1) How about a knitting and crochet basket, to keep your needles and yarn balls neat and tidy?

2) Need to organize your stationary? This basket is perfect for holding your office supplies, and an adorable decoration for your desk!

3) Use it in a guest bathroom to treat your visitors with toiletries or hand towels.

4) A plant pot, for your indoor garden, your office desk, or your bedroom.

5) A “Bahia” touch for your kitchen or dining room: an adorable fruit basket. It can also be used as a bread basket to decorate a breakfast or brunch table.

Be creative, re-use, and give your home or office a new tropical accent!

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