This set includes:

  • Tukumã Body Lotion 400ml: This luxurious body moisturizer that immediately hydrates and improves skin texture, acting deeply against the signs of skin aging. It protects and stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid for your body, leaving skin velvety and uniform. 
  • Castanha Hand Cream 75g: An extremely effective hand balm enriched with nourishing Castanha oil and Murumuru butter to strengthen skin's natural moisture barrier. Softens and smooths hand and cuticles, leaving a delicate warm and nutty scent on skin. Rich texture absorbs quickly to leave hands feeling comfortable, never greasy.
  • Maracujá Triple Phase Shower Oil 200ml: This luxurious in-shower oil is an invitation to a ritual of well-being and relaxation, to moisturize, perfume and soothe the skin. Formulated with Amazon Maracujá oil, rich in essential fatty acids, it forms a protective layer on the skin and leaves it softer, naturally radiant and scented with soothing and fruity notes.
  • Natura box: Designed to add even more excitement to the act of gift unwrapping.
  • Tukumã Body Lotion: Apply a generous amount to skin and massage in gently.
  • Castanha Hand Cream: Apply to back of hands and massage until absorbed.
  • Maracujá Triple Phase Oil​: Shake well to merge oils. Massage gently over clean wet skin in bath or shower. Can be used with and without rinsing.

Star Ingredients: 

  • Tukumã: Tukumã is a fruit of Amazon native palm tree known for its ability to sprout and grow back even after fires, bringing to life and renewing degraded areas of the Amazon Forest. ​The crude butter and crude oil extracted from Tucumã fruit act together and in a complementary way on the skin – the oil protects the skin's natural hyaluronic acid while the butter stimulates the skin's natural hyaluronic acid production. ​Stimulating and increasing the skin’s hyaluronic acid is important because over time it decreases as the skin matures resulting in dehydration and a rough skin texture.​
  • Castanha: Known and revered as the Queen of the Forest, the Castanha (or Brazil nut) is found deep in the forests of the Amazon. Endlessly rich in benefits, both medicinal and beautifying, the castanha produces an oil that deeply nourishes and “feeds” skin for intense moisturization.
  • Maracujá: Maracujá oil is rich in omega 6 and has emollient properties that help maintain skin moisturization. It adds a light, pleasing texture to body care products and its restorative fragrance is extremely distinctive. The Maracujá seeds are sustainably sourced by more than 800 families from local communities in Amazon.

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Formulated Without: parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, triclosan, DEA and animal ingredients.


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