Collages: A Brazilian Scent Journey

Collages: A Brazilian Scent Journey

Inspiration: Brazil. That was the brief Natura gave to some of the world’s top perfumers. To be inspired by some special place or sensation in this unique country.

The idea behind this exquisite collection of fragrances is to provide snapshots of the heat, lush flora, and seductiveness of Brazil. Acting as an ambassador for Brazil’s cultural and ecological richness, NaturaBrasil “Collages” translates the travel diaries of some of the top International perfumers who visited Brazil.

What’s being celebrated is less the ingredients, and more the journey. All of the scents are complex – like Brazil – and have texture. Brazil is a tactile society, and so are these fragrances. The packaging, designed by PowerShovel, also speaks to Natura’s emphasis on sustainability– the containers are made of recycled paper and the alcohol used in the fragrances is organic. Each scent costs US$ 95.00.

We spoke to Roger Schmid, Natura & Co's global advisor on sustainability and innovation, and himself a celebrated fragrance expert, who orchestrated the collection. We tried the fragrances with Roger, and here is what we learned:


It is hard for foreigners to imagine, but there is also a dry, arid Brazil, and that is what Terra is all about. That moment right after the sun sets, and the temperature drops – even if not dramatically. It appears here as a contrast to the Brazilian rainforest. It comes from the idea of the soil – the warm earth –and has the power of a blanket. It can make one think of cognac. Wearing Terra is like putting the heat back on.


Imagine that clean mud that is put onto you in a spa. The inspiration was the texture of clay. This scent was created to be worn like a second skin, an all-over tattoo. It envelops the body and has hints of fresh-cut grass, inspired by the early morning dew. It is soft and romantic. Nectar is like the sweet breath of nature, bringing the balmy air to you.

...heat, lush flora, and seductiveness of Brazil.

Madeira Branca

This scent was an echo of Brazilian architecture – strong and modern, always responding to nature. The aim was to bring coolness and warmth at the same time. It’s a woody fragrance, sometimes bracing, sometimes cozy. The touches of spicy black pepper make it especially interesting!


Imagine a walk in the garden – tall grasses and a tender breeze, the feeling of freshness in your soul. This scent is energizing but also has a bright earthy touch that makes it easy to wear. The inspiration was the eternal spring – eterna primavera – and the unique atmosphere that comes with that season. The scent comes directly to your nose, very efficient, like walking in the park after it just rained. It brings an idea of a different Brazil – not lush, not arid –, just a day in spring, maybe in the streets of São Paulo.


Sultry and sweet, the Angelica scent is mysterious, seductive and helps set the tone for a beautiful night. It is dark and enticing. More of a nocturnal fragrance, it feels feminine. Angelica in Portuguese refers to tuberose. Angelica in the U.S. is a round purple flower that attracts bees. So here Angelica is ambiguous, the word hints at “angels”, and it is also sexy. It has an aquatic element to it. Designed to wear when you dress up. It is juicy and feels like an elixir.

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