This set contains: 

- Castanha Body Scrub 

This intensive exfoliating� scrub melts away dry, rou�gh skin with or�ganic brown sug�ar and �grape seeds, while deeply moisturizin�g with a blend of nourishin�g Castanha Oil from Brazil and skin-silkenin� Olive Oil. Leaves skin brig�hter, smoother, delicately fra�granced, and sweetly soft to touch. 

- Catanha Body Lotion

This luscious body lotion is enriched with nourishing� Castanha Oil �gathered in the heart of Brazil. Li�ghtwei�ght and non-�reasy, it spreads easily and absorbs deeply, leaving� skin soft, replenished and nourished for 24 hours of continuous hydration. 

- Castanha Exfoliating Body Soaps 

Made at Natura's manufacturing facilities in the heart of the Amazon, our Castanha vegan soap is rich in pure Brazilian oils. Gently exfoliating, it lifts away dry, dull skin with crushed seeds and conditions with Vitamin E to cleanse gently but thoroughly, and leaves skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.


Start Ingredient: 

Castanha. Known and revered as the Queen of the Forest, the Castanha (or Brazil nut) is found deep in the forests of the Amazon. Endlessly rich in benefits, both medicinal and beautifying, the castanha produces an oil that deeply nourishes and “feeds” skin for intense moisturization.


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